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Closing the Feedback Loop

with Presentations at TRG Arts

TRG Arts has a long-standing reputation for being at the forefront of data analysis, thought leadership, and sharing its expertise with the arts and cultural industry. A centerpiece of TRG Arts’ commitment to the field has been regularly attending industry conferences to disseminate its counsel and research in North America and Europe. In 2019, the TRG team presented at more than 19 high-profile conferences to thousands of the leading experts in the arts & cultural field. In concert with TRG’s work around implementing the Net Promoter System with clients, leadership wanted to create opportunities for feedback with constituents that consumed TRG’s content. Because of the nature of in-person presentations, we needed to devise a solution and strategy that:

  • Incentivizes conference attendees to provide feedback.

  • Cost-effective to replicate across all planned conferences in a calendar year.

  • It allowed for efficient data compilation and analysis for the TRG team.

  • Provided attendees with the content they requested and created opportunities for client development followups.


TRG’s approach to in-person presentations at conferences is to work from a branded Powerpoint deck that highlights specific data, research, and counsel.

As a follow up for attendees at conferences, TRG typically distributes a PDF of the presentation deck (either directly or through the conference organizer) but hadn’t implemented a consistent mechanism for soliciting feedback. The rationale for sharing the deck after the presentations were twofold:

  1. The presentation content is consistently the most requested conference attendee follow up item.

  2. Sharing the deck provides an opportunity for TRG to gather contact information of attendees for client development team follow-ups and lead generation.

As the ideal solution, a postcard template would mirror and align with each conference deck’s branding and align with identified goals.


Given the parameters for the leave-behind postcard, we kept in mind that each postcard had three objectives that needed each time the team utilized a postcard:

  1. Provide salient takeaways from the presentation to reinforce the content focus.

  2. Share the TRG team member’s contact information with attendees.

  3. Request feedback on the presentation from attendees that would measure the effectiveness of conference presentations.

Behind the scenes, TRG’s team was aligning the CRM around a few key process points to compile data and build the needed infrastructure efficiently:

  • trackable URLs for engagement measurement

  • Assign a lead score value to any completed form submissions

  • Create an auto-generated email template that would distribute the deck to attendees.

The feedback form also included a checkbox option so that attendees could easily opt-in to TRG’s digital communications.


Launched at the end of 2019, the initial findings that the TRG team was seeing were encouraging. As a benchmark, the average completion rate for the form submission was an average of 24.92%.

In terms of measuring the presentation content’s effectiveness, the team’s feedback included a Net Promoter Score of 84%.


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