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Creating Impact with TRG Arts

As an international, data-driven change agency for arts and cultural organizations, TRG Arts has earned a reputation for achieving results and building successful business models for the past 25 years. With a desire to expand their impact on the industry, TRG Arts wanted to create a publication that was thought leadership-centric and provided a platform for members of the TRG team to showcase their expertise as contributors.


Arts Leadership Review | Autumn 2018

Arts Leadership Review | Summer 2019

"Dana has that special ability to take a strategic concept and turn it into an engaging narrative that is captivating, easy to digest, and sparks action." Eric Nelson | TRG Arts


Arts Leadership Review emerged from this conceptual idea as a print and digital magazine written with the arts and cultural chief executive in mind. With the chief executive as the target audience, the intention was to showcase arts leaders across continents and genres by sharing inspiring stories.

The first edition of Arts Leadership Review was distributed to a group of current and prospective clients as a proof of concept. This Autumn 2018 edition allowed us to gather feedback from chief executives with the intent of forming a longer-term strategy for content development and distribution.


Given budgetary constraints that prohibited an immediate wider distribution of the print version, we decided that the best way to start expanding the audience for the publication was to add-on the availability of a digital version. In moving forward with this additional communications strategy, we outlined a multi-pronged digital strategy utilizing email and social media to get the word out.

Since Arts Leadership Review was a groundbreaking publication with no other known competing publication, it was challenging to determine what kind of goal we should set against key performance indicators as a measurement of success. With a nominal additional cost of hosting the digital version on, the determination was made to move forward with the campaign to see what our key performance indicators looked like at the end of 2019.


Once the end of Q4 in 2019 arrived, the digital version of the Summer 2019 edition of Arts leadership Review had extended the overall readership of the publication by 150% and reached more than 40 countries around the world.


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